Monday, August 16, 2010

Things I hate that let me know I'm not too old yet

1. When it's raining outside.... and the people who are visiting don't want to go outside and dance in it.

2. Really loud music.... that has to be turned down because my 'Fo can't have a conversation when the volume's past 4.

3. Wind whipping in from the driver's window... which makes someone else say they are cold and asks me to wind it up.

4. Kids talking and laughing insanely... when I don't get the joke.

5. Frost in the morning... that doesn't get cold enough to ice over the puddles.

6. The dog hanging around the table while we are eating... and yet she won't take my peas.

7. Music that I can't make out the words in... so I get sprung singing loudly and completely off topic.

8. Cold weather... that makes everyone else stay indoors so there's no one to hang outdoors with.

1 comment:

  1. Absolutely love this. Also fact that you posted at 2:46 AM lends credence to the whole premise. It's so great that you like to go outside no matter what the weather. I am the same way, and mystified at how many people just give up because it's not an ideal temperature. Love #2 and #5.