Friday, July 2, 2010

The poop has hit the fan.

I have been whinging and cursing to myself lately about the bats that have started frequenting the tree outside my son's bedroom. Every night the big boy arrives, and on occasion he'll bring a roomie with him. I have a wee love hate relationship with this bat. Sort of like Charlie in that 2 guys show with the kid. He constantly infuriates me with little things like leaving his deposits all over the back yard, ie my clothes line and anything I have left on it overnight. At the same time I have a little chuckle about his conquests, wondering if they know he's a bachelor boy and probably will never change and settle down. I am in awe of his size and grace when flying, the volume of his wings flapping as he takes off. But I really do wish he would stop crapping every where.

We had a pesky Minor bird fly into the house yesterday and in its attempts to break through the glass in every room, it let loose of its bowels quite frequently also. I'm still finding some of those wee gifts. The two year old and I did have a laugh as we ran around pulling blinds and closing doors to air traffic control him out the front door, although hers was one of those half laugh/half scared sounds, mine was half laugh/half getting really annoyed now. Genuine laughs came once the wildly flapping window slamming dude was outside.

Today I have the joy of three of my kids with gastro. The husband has it too, as do I. I'm like cool hand Luke with my trigger finger at the ready with disinfectant, other hand in cobra strike pose towards the paper towels. As much as I try to enlighten the kids that gastro is much like the accounting system FIFO, First In First Out, they don't seem to get it. I should be pleased they are still willing to eat and drink instead of being like their dad. He's the one sniffling in the corner, loudly complaining to anyone in earshot, curled into foetal position and thinking the sky is falling.

So yeah, a lot of shit going on right now.

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  1. So sorry. This sounds terrible -- but you did capture it perfectly (with words, if not paper towels).