Sunday, April 25, 2010

What to do

Due to lack of funds the family wagon is sitting in our front yard with a forlorn look, wondering when if ever, we are going to fix the brakes and be able to joy ride together again. Oh how we enjoy storming down the motorway, oblivious to recommended speed limits and the in awe looks of the fellow motorists we leave trailing in our path. What do you mean those aren't recommended limits? I'll have to look that up. Anyway...
Unfortunately the 'Fo and I stuffed up royally when the kids were younger and got them used to certain privileges like eating, so when wee misadventures like no brakes pop up, we are un-budget-friendly when it comes to getting them sorted straight away.
And then we spend a lot more time at home.
So there is more time to dedicate to Super Mario Bros.
My 7yo son and I are the kickarse duo on Super Mario. Level by level, world by world we conquer.
On rare occasions we have a stumble on a course. And as awesome as I am at playing the game, unfortunately I am not kickarse on teaching my son the finer art of being a good winner, or being a non-profanity speaking, controller throwing loser.
Hence, whilst I was outdoors having my, ah hmm, mum's moment, breath of fresh air, bourbon refill and cigarette or whatever, I happened to overhear my wee cherub playing hard - just like I taught him, kicking arse - just like I taught him, and telling the on-screen turtles to 'suck my pussy'. I started to wonder whether maybe he should start playing the game with his dad instead.

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