Saturday, March 20, 2010

Why the Cookie Monster

I am the Cookie Monster, although being from New Zealand, yeah that place near South America (?? really?? no), I use the word biscuit instead of cookie. If you don't know the Kiwi (NZ) accent, apparently it sounds a wee bit like Buzz Cut. Although why you would want to chow down on a freshly short shaved soldiers head is beyond me. Actually, looking back at that sentence, maybe I'm finally getting the inside deal on the matter so strike it. Haha, no, I'm a well content married housewife and mother of four.
Yes, four. And yes, we do have a TV. With pay TV too. Many channels, many choices. And yet we chose to procreate. Many times. Maybe that's the problem, too many choices. Not enough lifestyle friendly chemists around. Funny how kids birth dates seem to coincide with birthdays and shit ay. Haha, you know it, you're as old as me right. Probably why we don't do date night.
So anyway, I like a cookie or two, no my arse doesn't show it THAT much. I'm also fond of a salad from time to time, and mushrooms are my favourite food of ALLLLLLL time. But a nice chocolate biccy. MMMmmmm. What, are you perfect?
You have me feeling down now Bloggies. Y'all will be the subject of my next meeting with the head folk trying to sort out the good feelings from bad feelings into the appropriate spreadsheet columns because of your disdain. Hope you're happy with yourselves.
Opens biscuit tin, crunch crunch.

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