Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hello World

I feel like a new born baby. Freshly squeezed out of mama's vag, and into the blogging world. Oh, the things I have to write. The many thoughts and as yet un-copyrighted ideas I have to unleash upon you all.
Scared yet?? Getting pen to paper to knowingly thieve all my brilliance?
Whatever, this to me is a point to spew out all the amazing colourful ideas dancing around my very own interweb called my inner brain (right side, because lefty is an arsehole - all numbers and shit).
Anyway, because those who know me well, and think I'm amazingly awesome and a force to reckon with and a thing of beauty on top of all that, don't really realise just how scattered such brilliance causes a person to be, I call on you, dear Bloggie, to unleash my terror on society.
So, I was watching Bruce Almighty tonight, and it made me think about nether regions, sorry the ether net, shit not that either, okay so you know what I mean right, and then I went to the toilet.
And found a floater.
One of many that happen in my household.
Because in my house of mum, dad and the four happy accidents, flushing is an irregular occurence. Not quite as special as the deals at the irregular jean outlet store, but worth a mention all the same.
Because my family knows and cares enough to save the environment in any little way. Approx 3.5 litres of water saved in every non-flush. I sortof try to encourage the 'if it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down' way of thinking, but my cherubs of children have taken it to the next step altogether and decided that flushing is a thing of the past. One of those retro ideas that elderly parents in their 30's all seem to have. Funny old fuckers.
So yeah, we're a green family. If we keep up this way of living we may well be a greenarse family. But we would have saved our two square metres of rainforest, or drinking water. Whatever, we won't be here to fucken enjoy it, because the friggen mould has set in and taken our gorgeous arse bodies far too soon.
Anyway, we're doing our bit.

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