Monday, September 27, 2010

Kid Stuff

Vocab Growth Spurt

My three year old, today, to her five year old sister:

"You're a woosy pussy and I cry for you".

Fair Trade

My seven year old son traded his lasagne for a full plate of cauliflower. ???

Leaving on a jet plane

My nine year old daughter is jetting off to sunnier pastures all on her lonesome on Thursday morning. She's taking yet another solo international holiday to visit the family in NZ, and I get to wake up really early to drop her off at the airport, sign her over to Qantas staff and then yawn my way through a trip to the park to appease the other three.

You're late, you're late

The five year old has me visiting op-shops and garage sales to secure approximately 30 tea cups and saucers, because she's got too many friends coming to her birthday Mad Hatter / Alice in Wonderland style tea party. Little Miss Friggen Popular.

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