Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Late night fun

So it's 12.30am, and I have just unpacked my late night supermarket shopping and have some time to myself. Love this time of the night, because it's finally all about me. I can do as I please without the cherubs needing attention physically or emotionally. Ahhhhhh.

Why is it that I have only just unpacked groceries. Well, when you have four wee darlings you learn early on that you don't take them anywhere near the grocery aisles when doing the 'big' shop. Now don't get me wrong. From the four of them, I have yet to experience a shopping meltdown or tantrum. And my kids get the word 'No', understand the meaning, and that it will only be said once per item, so they won't kick up a stink after trying for some random, comes with a prize and all in bright packaging product, and I cast their wants aside in a heartless fashion.

The main trouble is that my mind is very fickle if not concentrating on the task at hand. My kids get this, and know that merely because I said no to one item, if they ask for, say fifty more, then odds are they might get a couple of them. Because I get ideas in my head that I am more of a gourmet cook than in actuality. And that, yeah, it has been a while since they had custard. And, oh look, all four of them like the same thing for a change. Or figuring out four different items they can collect for me so they are 'helping out', which completely throws me off my aisle by aisle shopping list. And then the checkout price doubles.

So I shop at night. All on my own. Me and the three other regular late nighters with a couple of irregulars in the mix. I know all the staff, they know me. We chat and laugh. It's almost like going out for coffee with the girls, except it's chatting over the mushroom trays, or the deli counter, or front loader washing liquid display.

Very chillaxing and also kinda odd that I get kicks this way nowadays. Definitely not what I used to do after 11pm, pre-procreation. Saddest though is that I found out tonight that my local supermarket will be closing an hour earlier from next week, so they can open an hour earlier in the morning. The morning. When I am in solitary charge of all offspring. So disappointing.

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